We don't write often but, since 2014, our newsletters provide an overview of recent work.

  • 2024 January

    Christmas celebration, daughter and family's visit, warning and sad news

  • 2023 April

    Scholar alum whereabouts and accomplishments, new feeding program location, wedding licensee testimonies

  • 2023 February

    Wedding crusade, new church plant, rebuilding above the floodline

  • 2022 January

    God's work despite and to repair destruction from Typhoon Odette

  • 2021 March

    Zamora, a nourishment recipient; cemetery dwellers weekly feeding; report from staff member Boyet.

  • 2020 May

    Rice to the poorest, wedding update, scholar praises, surprise gift of time for Sharon

  • 2019 April

    Scholar updates, Preschool graduation, training trainers, wedding invitation.

  • 2019 January

    Recap of our Christmas celebration and outreach with tons of pictures. 

  • 2018 September

    Letter from Sharon, update on the wedding campaign, nourishment program, scholars, and thanksgiving and prayer requests

  • 2018 May

    Youth camp, wedding campaign progress, updates on bible studies, preschool, and nourishment program

  • 2017 December

    Cemetery school move, Christmas outreach, scholar update

  • 2017 September

    Program update, scholars news, wedding campaign

  • 2015 May

    Sharon's 60th birthday celebration, preschool graduation, scholar achievements, Arrows school

  • 2014 December

    Land given for dumpsite preschool, church planting, wedding feast, poem

  • 2014 May

    The beginnings of Bacong Arrows school, graduations, typhoon relief

  • 2014 January

    Graveyard church plants, wedding tallies, preschoolers